Independence Day: Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Review

  We with interests in automobiles can rarely unilaterally agree on general statements, but one thing we can all concede is that sports cars make no practical sense. This is immediately followed with the conceit “but we don’t care, we still love them.” Style, power, and performance are the things that cause the fuzzy bubbles of joy and excitement to […]

AK House Clean ’14

As it happens, there are some cars I’ve driven that don’t make it onto AutoKinesis for various reasons. Sometimes, it’s a car I’ve driven at an event where the time spent with the vehicle isn’t enough to justify a full review. Other times, the car is a replacement for another that I scheduled, but was cancelled last minute due to […]

Southern Comfort: 2014 Toyota Highlander Review

Sometimes you visit a town and you don’t have time to really absorb all it has to offer. Sometimes, circumstances like the weather and a couple airports repeatedly closing and reopening force you to stay and look around a bit. I got to know Charleston, South Carolina quite intimately, and I had Toyota’s new Highlander on hand for the tour. […]

Number 1 With A Bullet: 2014 Ford Fiesta ST

Unless you’re using a series of numbers and letters for classification, I suspect the most nebulous aspect of car design is giving it a name. Those that go the specific route give us the Quattro and ForTwo, while other succeed in being evocative of the car’s spirit: Viper. Diablo. Raptor. The rest? well ask yourself what was that particular Honda […]