AK House Clean ’14

As it happens, there are some cars I’ve driven that don’t make it onto AutoKinesis for various reasons. Sometimes, it’s a car I’ve driven at an event where the time spent with the vehicle isn’t enough to justify a full review. Other times, the car is a replacement for another that I scheduled, but was cancelled last minute due to […]

A Look at Le Mans Legends

It appears that the most awaited week in automotive sports is upon us: the week leading up to Le Mans. This grueling 24-hour endurance test has changed the history of driving and made legends along the way for ninety years. No event in automotive sports has the prestige, pedigree and overall presence that is demanded by the 24 Heures du Mans. Once a […]

Benz, Audi and BMW’s New Battle Ground

The dream of the luxury car is alive and well in this post recession world. As America, and the world, slowly creep back to a state of economic norm, a whole generation of college educated potential employees are suddenly finding work again. The reality of the “post-recession” world is that those jobs don’t pay as well as they used to. […]

PAX East 2013: iRacing Interview

We haven’t seen iRacing at PAX East for two years now, as they decided not to attend last year, and there have been a ton of additions in that time. A line of attendees wrapped around their booth, eager to hop in one of the driving seats set up to try out the new NASCAR offerings recently added. Making my […]