“I know that I know nothing” – Socrates

One could expect that we who work here merely do so to tout our encyclopedic knowledge of things like car stats, gear ratios, race car drivers and lists of car models by manufacturers from across the globe and throughout history. But here’s a shocking admission: we don’t know everything about cars. There’s simply too much history, too many facts, and innumerable significant moments, both personal and public, that focus around the automobile to assimilate.

That won’t stop us, however, from exploring them as much as we can.

AutoKinesis is an automotive culture and lifestyle magazine born out of the love and fascination of cars with the goal of learning as much as we can, experiencing all we’re able to, and having as much fun as possible while doing it.

At AutoKinesis, we wish to make discoveries together, bring along whomever we can for the ride, be it for the casual discussions, the heated arguments, white-knuckle speed, or a simple cruise. Whatever we find out, or whatever ridiculous adventure we go on, we want you to be right there with us.

Enjoy yourself. Buckle in. And welcome.


The  Team


ak st cropAlex Kalogiannis – EIC, Reviews Editor


Alex Kalogiannis is a freelance automotive writer who has written for sites such as AutosavantThe Vigilant Monkey, and is also formerly the automotive writer for Elements magazine, a luxury lifestyle print publication. Hey currently contributes to the New York Daily News autos section.

He is a member of the International Motor Press Assoc. (IMPA), the Madison Avenue Sports Car Driving and Chowder Society (the “Chowder” club), and also of the Vanderbilt Cup Centennial Celebrations held annually on Long Island.

Always up for an event or adventure, Alex spends plenty of time traveling, participating in outdoor events and having a drink with the people he meets along the way.

He spends the rest of his time holed up in his office either playing video games or occasionally doing actual work.


Victor Kalogiannis – Photographer, Production Manager, Games Editor


Victor has been with the site since it was just a humble wordpress blog. With a film school background and interests ranging from video games, comics, music, food and obviously cars, he dabbles in a bit of everything. Not only taking photos on numerous events and reviews, V wears many hats, doing all the things that need doing to get the job done. He is also, arguably, the most attractive of the team. For more of his photography, check out his blog: http://kgreekness.wordpress.com/


Cadillac 110th Anniversary Book Release EventNews/Lifestyle Editor


It would be unfair of me to say that Hari’s to lazy to write his own bio. I make him work too hard for that. Hari diligently posts relevant news updates to the site as well as coming up with many of our lifestyle pieces, including the Top 5’s which we have tons of fun dreaming up at the AK office (local bar). Starting simply as a fan of AutoKinesis, Hari would fill many comment sections with 500-word counter-arguements and I figured if someone’s going to write articles at length, he might as well do it on the front page. Since then, he’s become a key figure in AK’s development and success, adding his unique voice and perspective to the automotive world around us. Hari also brings his statistical and business acumen to the site, showing us the how things work in the world of economics and how they effect gearheads worldwide.

Hari spends his free time….well, let’s put it this way, if he ever gets any free time, He’ll write his own bio.




AutoKinesis is thankful to have an amazing pool of talent to call on for our projects. Below is a list of previous and current contributors who make the site great.

Jon Rouzier – Photographer, Videographer

Anthony DiGiorgio – Site design

Sean Spencer – Photography

Peter Raab – Video Director


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