Tesla NYC & Roadster Sport

Amongst the Chelsea art galleries in NYC, you’ll find Tesla Motors’ latest showroom and New York presence. You may be thinking that a car dealership would be a garish addition to such a charming district, but you needn’t worry. Tesla, mindful of the fact that building structures willy-nilly is slightly antithetical to their whole environmentally-responsible nature, has integrated itself comfortably […]

Vanderbilt Cup Autocross ’09 July 26th

Hello friends, It’s time for another Vanderbilt Cup autocross and concours, and we here at AK are quite excited. It’s a unique opportunity to not only admire some excellent classic and vintage rides, but watch them run a timed lap among modern sports cars. See what you missed last year. Also, you’ve been keeping up with vanderbiltcupraces.com, you’ll know that […]