Test Drive: Hyundai Genesis – A Call to Exodus

It seems in today’s branding driven, up-market world the word luxury is everywhere. Where once reserved for the elite and oligarchs of society, it now seems “luxury” can be found everywhere from the home goods stores to the supermarket. One then wonders when did luxury undergo this drastic change? When the lifestyles of the rich and the famous get a […]

The Spice Will Flow: Hyundai Veloster Turbo Review

I often consider how recipes came to be when coming across particularly intricate edible concoctions. I like to think about the human element that went into tweaking a survival necessity just to jazz things up and make it more enjoyable, evolving to the point of becoming an art to be critiqued and mastered, a trade to study, and to be […]

First Drive: 2012 Hyundai Accent

Sustainability is what Hyundai has put forth as their main focus, a point made clear as they announce that they will have no less than four 40 mpg models in 2012. This is 40 mpg with no premiums, by the way. Hyundai are keen to point out that with other manufacturers that promise the same fuel economy, there’s always that […]

A Touch Of Refinement: 2011 Hyundai Sonata Limited

Thursday nights were my usual drinking night. But the influence of forces like the introduction of karaoke to my preferred watering hole and the lure of 25 cent wings elsewhere has more or less altered this habit. I can usually now be found Monday evenings at the bottom of a pint, occasionally surfacing for a nibble of spicy chicken. It’s […]