Number 1 With A Bullet: 2014 Ford Fiesta ST

Unless you’re using a series of numbers and letters for classification, I suspect the most nebulous aspect of car design is giving it a name. Those that go the specific route give us the Quattro and ForTwo, while other succeed in being evocative of the car’s spirit: Viper. Diablo. Raptor. The rest? well ask yourself what was that particular Honda […]

Top 5 Cars For College Students

The summer is quickly drawing to a close and fall seems to already rear its crisp and cool head. This means back to jackets, early sunsets and for about 2.1 million kids across the country, it also means time to hit the books in one our nations many great colleges. Now’s the time to do some last minute school supply […]

First Drive: Ford Focus Electric

A very wise muppet once told us “it’s not easy being green”. Turns out Ford is on a mission to prove this untrue. Enter the new Ford Focus electric, a bold submission to the all electric ring. Going up against the already popular Chevy Volt, the new Toyota Prius C and the Nissan Leaf, Ford has wasted no time stepping […]