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Bentley Motors creates a limited edition of the new James Bond book, Carte Blanche

We lovers of the film version of James Bond are quick to state that the Aston Martin is the legendary agent’s car of choice. But those familiar with the original book incarnation know that Mr. Bond was a Bentley boy through and through. Author and creator of the series Ian fleming was such an admirer […]

Games Grid: AK’s Most Anticipated Racing Games

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Games Grid: AK’s Most Anticipated Racing Games

We here at AutoKinesis live rich fantasy lives where we’re all famous race car drivers with warehouses chock full of supercars that are delicately maintained by well-trained bathing suit models and given carte blanche to drive sideways on any public roads at a mere whim. We do our best to fulfill these fever dreams by […]

AutoKinesis – Trailer

AutoKinesis – Trailer

AutoKinesis – Trailer Our just for fun video from the spring of ’10. Music: Deadmau5 – “Moar Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff”

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Rendezvous- L.A. edition w/ Jay Leno

Remember Rendezvous? the Claude Lelouch-filmed  speed run through the streets of Paris in 1978? We talked about it once briefly because the sheer bravado of the stunt, coupled with the setting and perspective truly engrossed us. Watch it here if you haven’t seen it yet.


A Formula 1 Christmas….(a.k.a nothing rhymes with ‘Bob Varsha’)

It’s two nights before Christmas, and I’m having a think, about racing and cars, which happens when I drink. With Schumi returning for formula gold, I wonder if such chances have passed cuz I’m old. Not old per se, just too old to start, on a path that infants begin racing karts. I’ve thought this […]

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