The Haunted Desert: AK Flashpost with the Rolls Royce Wraith

What seems like an egg explodes in my periphery and I realize another very large bug has met its end. We’re flying over the desert road, at speed, and they only way to tell how fast is the dull roar of the wind and the myriad insects we’ve collected on the front. To anyone who catches a glimpse of us, they’re convinced of their eyes’ betrayal. We’ve already vanished. We are a wisp in the desert; intangible and a thing of legend. The desert is haunted today by the Rolls Royce Wraith.
I’ve been handed the keys to a $250,000 luxury coupe with a 6.6L V12. A colleague and I are taking turns weaving through rock formations and blurring the gorgeous scenery through every stretch. Backspin satellite radio station is playing a seamless mix of classic hip-hop as we, rather silently, sit in a hand stitched leather cabin, climate control set to undermine the desert sun. In the midday, we sit under a star field as one has been carefully threaded in the headliner and plush carpeting pads our feet. 20131105-151921.jpg
The day is spent gliding over roads, past people who’s stomping grounds rarely play host to cars such as this one, and many necks were twisted as locals whipped their heads in an attempt to
Believe what they saw. In the end, we couldn’t believe it ourselves, and the whole thing seemed like a dream…

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-Alex K

-driving photo provided by Rolls Royce